Touch screen solution for car charging pile

Touch screen solution for car charging pile

The car charging pile touch screen is a touch screen technology used to provide user interaction interface and operation on modern car charging piles.
Here are some considerations related to touch screens at car chargers:
1. Display and operation interface: The touch screen of the car charging pile needs to provide an intuitive and easy-to-use display and operation interface so that the user can conveniently select the charging pile, select the charging method, start and stop charging, etc.
2. Durability and protection level: The touch screen of the car charging pile needs to have sufficient durability and protection level to withstand the effects of different external environments and temperature changes. At the same time, touch screens need to be resistant to stains, rain and dust.
3. Compatibility and support: The touch screen of the car charging pile needs to support different types of charging interfaces and communication protocols in order to communicate with various car charging standards and systems and provide corresponding charging status and information.
4. Safety: Considering that car charging involves high voltage and current, the touch screen needs to have safety protection and electrical isolation measures to ensure the safety of user operations.
5. Anti-interference ability: The touch screen needs to have a certain degree of anti-interference ability to deal with possible electromagnetic interference and vibration to ensure the accuracy and stability of touch operations.
6. Temperature range: The touch screen of the car charging pile needs to work in a wide temperature range to adapt to use in various extreme climate conditions.
Touch technology selection: Under outdoor charging piles, the touch screen needs to meet the characteristics of weatherproof, low-temperature display, readable in outdoor sunlight, and waterproof. For car charging pile touch screens, you can choose the appropriate touch technology, such as resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen or surface acoustic wave touch screen, according to specific needs and application scenarios.

Charging pile touch screen application environment and requirements:
1. For complete outdoor use, outdoor working requirements must be met: -30~+80 operating temperature range
2. Need to meet outdoor sunlight visible use, high brightness and high resolution.
3. It needs to meet high stability and anti-interference properties, while meeting the requirements of life and anti-riot control.
The above are some factors that need to be considered when designing and selecting a touch screen for a car charging station.

DINGTOUCH touch display solutions:
1. Choose a high-brightness display solution for the LCD screen, with a brightness >1000cd/㎡, which can be seen under the sun.
2. The touch screen and display are fully bonded with technology to maximize the display effect and are waterproof.
3. The touch screen surface glass is treated with AG and AR to resist glare and increase transparency, improving the display effect under sunlight.

4. Touch control chips can be selected from Microchip, Cypress, ILI, EETI and other solutions.

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