Capacitive Touch Panel CTP Is The Trend Of Various Industries In The Future

Now there have many device use capacitive touch panel CTP. Can you find one of device use it in our life?Yes, sure. You can find it.So i believe it must be the trend of various industries in the future. What do you think?

Capacitive Touch Panel CTP For Smart home

Smart home is very popular among young people nowadays. Because if the touch screen is applied to the smart home. You can control the operation of all the homes in the home with one touch on the touch screen control system. For example, adjust the temperature of the air conditioner, the humidity of the room, the brightness of the light and so on. There is no need to control them one by one.

Capacitive Touch Panel CTP

Capacitive Touch Panel CTP For Car Charging Pile

To protect the environment, respond to preventive measures to alleviate global warming. Now all countries are promoting new energy cars. So now touch screens are also popularly used in car charging piles. If there is a touch-screen self-service charging system, customers can self-charge their cars. Very convenient.

Capacitive Touch Panel CTP For Self-service Terminal

In many bank halls, shopping malls, restaurants, there will install the touch screen self-service terminal systems.Why it so popular?Because it will save many lobar cost.You don’t need so many worker serve for customer. Customer can deal with many thing on the self-service terminal by themselves.

I just cited three more popular examples, and there are many touch screen product applications.But i believe capacitive touch panel CTP must is the trend of various industries in the future.

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