Several fault phenomena and solutions of the CTP touch screen?

Several fault phenomena and solutions of the CTP touch screen?

Fault 1: touch deviation phenomenon for CTP touch screen.

The position touched by the finger does not coincide with the mouse arrow.

Analysis: After the driver is installed, there is no vertical touch to the center of the bullseye when correcting the position. The signal wires on the touch screen are in poor contact or open circuit.

Solution: Re-calibrate the position. Find the breakpoint to reconnect or replace the touch screen.

CTP touch screen

Fault 2: touch deviation phenomenon.

When not touching, the mouse arrow always stays at a certain position. When touching, the mouse arrow is at the midpoint of the touch point and the original stop point.

Analysis: There is a foreign object (non-active touch) pressing the effective working area of the resistive touch screen.

Treatment method: Remove the foreign objects that press the effective working area of the resistive touch screen.

Fault 3: No response to touch.

The mouse arrow does nothing when touching the screen. No position change occurs.

Analysis: the reasons for this phenomenon

Explain one by one:

(1) The touch screen fails

(2) The touch screen control card is faulty.

(3) The touch screen signal line is faulty.

(4) The serial port of the computer host fails.

(5) The operating system of the computer fails.

(6) The touch screen driver is installed incorrectly.

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