Can We Make AG Anti Glare Touchscreen?

Recently, our customers asked if we can make AG anti-glare touch screen. Our answer is of course yes. Because the customer's product application is outdoors. If we are using the touch screen under strong light, we may not be able to see the contents of the screen clearly. So let's discuss what is AG Anti Glare touchscreen today, right?

What Is AG Anti Glare touchscreen?

AG touch screen, also called anti-glare touch screen. It is a touch screen with special processing on the surface of the cover glass. Its characteristic is to change the reflective surface of the original glass into a matte non-reflective surface (the surface is uneven). The principle is to subject both sides or one side of high-quality glass sheets to special processing. Compared with ordinary glass, it has a lower reflectivity, and the light reflectivity is reduced from 8% to less than 1%. Use technology to create clear and transparent visual effects. Allow viewers to experience better sensory vision.

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Why Can't I See The Contents Of The Screen Clearly?

We all have the experience of being struck by glare in our daily lives. Part of it comes from the glare source, and part comes from the reflection of the glare. When we operate the computer, we are often troubled by the reflection of the scene outside the touch screen on the surface and the inability to see the screen content clearly. Another example is when we stop in front of the glass shop window to explore the scenery inside the shop window. The reflection of the glass surface often prevents you from clearly observing the scenery inside the window and so on. These are all caused by light reflection on the glass surface. Because ordinary glass has high reflectivity.

Application Of Anti-glare Touch Screen

To reduce the influence of light reflected by the glass. Matte (anti-reflection) treatment on the glass surface can have a good effect. The AG anti-glare touch screen is made by a special chemical process. Its characteristic is to change the reflective surface of the original glass into a matte diffuse reflective surface. It can blur the reflective effect. In addition to preventing glare, it also reduces reflectance and reduces light and shadow.

The anti-glare product has strong surface anti-corrosion and anti-scratch performance. Combined with the video imaging screen, a transparent anti-glare and anti-reflection screen can be formed. Solve the problem of reflection and glare caused by the touch screen under the ambient light source, and improve the image quality. This effect remains unchanged under a large viewing angle. Anti-glare glass can reduce the interference of ambient light. Improve the viewing angle and brightness of the display screen, reduce screen reflections, make the image clearer, the color more colorful, and the color more saturated. Thereby significantly improving the display effect.

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