27 inch Touch Screen For Urban Planning Hall (exhibition hall) touch All-in-one Machine To Our Germany Customer

Last week, we did a project for a German customer, which was a 27-inch touch screen for the urban planning hall (exhibition hall) touch all-in-one machine. Let us discuss the application of this touch screen product today.


The Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is a "Miniature Map"

We all know that maps can guide us, and the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is a "miniature map" of a city. The Urban Planning Exhibition Hall (exhibition hall) witnesses the development of a city. You can feel the new changes in the city and witness the occurrence of human miracles. If you want to know about the development of this city when you travel. Then the Urban Planning Pavilion (exhibition hall) is a must.


27 inch Touch Screen For Urban Planning Hall

In the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, the long history of the city and the great achievements of urban planning . And construction were introduced and displayed in detail in the form of exhibition boards, sand table models, and film and television information.   It shows the history and bright future of the city in many aspects and angles. And is permeated with the vitality of the times.  So if there is a touch one machine in the exhibition hall. It can display the development of the city technologically.  Our German customer uses a 27-inch touch screen on this all-in-one machine. It can cover three-dimensional sand table models, pictures and text, and film and television information. The key is to interact with the audience and allow the audience to freely query the information they like.


27 inch Touch Screen is "Living Commentator"

The content displayed by the planning museum is divided into exhibition areas . Such as city overview map historical and cultural city protection plan construction achievement exhibition comprehensive transportation regional planning, etc. The main exhibition area is the overall planning direction of the city overall planning layout construction results ecological environmental protection plan scientific popularization of planning. The Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is a "living commentator" using high-tech interactive projects. 4D film and television, interactive multimedia equipment, optoelectronic high-tech, means to create artistic effects and increase the pleasure of viewing.


This time we customized a 27-inch touch screen for the entire project in accordance with the requirements of the German customer. He told us that this project will last for 5 years. So now they need to conduct various tests and will order more 27-inch touch screens in the future.


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