How capacitive Touch Screen Kiosks Save You Time and Money

capacitive touch screen

Touch screen application on the kiosk

If your business relies heavily on customer service, then integrating interactive touch screen kiosks is a good idea. If a capacitive touch screen is installed, it can provide another way of service for your customers, and if necessary, they can ask for additional help from employees at any time. The touch screen kiosk can save you manpower. You can have an interactive touch screen solution, instead of having a person stand where you put the digital screen kiosk, it can do everything you need to do. With touch-screen self-service terminals, people can always access functions and features that they would normally not be able to obtain by asking the person sitting behind the counter. For example, they will be able to interact with the floor plan of your building and help themselves find out exactly where they need to go without having to ask anyone. This is very convenient and time-saving for customers. You can also display your company’s recent hot-selling products on the kiosk, which can be used for advertising, which may invisibly bring you some potential high-quality customers.


Provide customized solutions for capacitive touch screens

We are very welcome to customize your touch screen. You can send us the plan you need, and we will patiently listen to all your requirements. If you are not very familiar with touch screen solutions, we will also ask our professional engineers to provide you with a touch screen solution that is professionally suitable for your project. Please give us the custom touch screen project, we are very strict in product quality control. If you have any requirements for our touch screen, you can contact our after-sales department at any time, and we will solve the problem for you immediately.


Get in touch with Dingtouch immediately and combine the advantages of capacitive touch screen solutions. Your customers will love this convenience, and you will save manpower and increase efficiency, which is guaranteed.


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