Dingtouch: Custom capacitive touch screen: touch with water and gloves!

Dingtouch: Custom capacitive touch screen: touch with water and gloves!

Dingtouch is pleased to launch our latest breakthrough in touch technology - customized capacitive touch panels that enable touch interaction with water and gloves, saying goodbye to limitations and opening up a new level of convenience and flexibility.

Our touch screens are designed to meet different user needs and provide a superior touch experience even in challenging environments. Whether your application requires touch operation in wet conditions or with gloves on, our panels deliver precision and responsiveness without compromising performance.

In addition to touching with water and gloves, we also offer advanced AR (anti-reflective), AF (anti-fingerprint) and AG (anti-glare) treatments to enhance display clarity and reduce reflections, providing users with uninterrupted views and immersion Touch experience.

At Dingtouch, customer satisfaction is our top priority and we pride ourselves on providing tailor-made solutions to meet specific requirements. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your needs and provide a capacitive touch screen that meets your unique application.

With our cutting-edge touch technology, your devices can interact seamlessly with water and respond easily to glove touches, expanding the possibilities across industries including automotive, medical, industrial and more.

Embrace the future of touch interaction with Dingtouch's customized capacitive touch screens and experience advanced touch capabilities, enhanced display clarity and unparalleled user satisfaction, instantly improving your touch experience.

Choose D I N G T O U C H: It can support customization of samples and drawings, and provide high-quality touch screen solutions according to your product application scenarios or personalized needs.


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